How to use CBD with Essential Oils

How to use CBD with Essential Oils

CBD oil has exploded onto the health and wellness scene, especially in the essential oil world.  There's so much misinformation floating around about CBD oil since it was illegal up until just a few years ago.  We are trying to catch up on a hundred years of not being able to research it. 

Doctor Oli, who was featured in Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils, is one of the foremost experts on both CBD and Essential Oils.  He's on the forefront of discovering how CBD oil and essential oils can be used together for your health and wellness. 

In the new documentary film, Miracle Oil Movie, Doctor Oli goes in depth into the world of CBD. He discusses it's history and how people can use CBD oil today. 

Here's some insight into how CBD works with essential oils

CBD contains incredible properties that make it a rising star in the natural wellness world. So it would make sense to overlap this organic substance with aromatherapy, a longtime natural choice for health & wellness. The terpenes in both broad/full-spectrum CBD oils and essential oils work well together to deliver incredible health benefits. Essential oils can deliver terpenes already found in full-spectrum CBD, so the existing terpenes have a greater effect. Essential oils may also contain terpenes not found in the CBD, and provide added benefit by enhancing the overall terpene profile. All of these elements work together through the entourage effect.

Click below to download a CBD Oil Reference that you can use anywhere.  Print it out, share with friends and discover the power of CBD oil, especially when used with essential oils.

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